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Qincheng Electronic Equipment Factory
Our company is one of the world earliest UV-curing system suppliers in China engaged in the dry series production and service. We can help you increase market satisfaction, reduce costs, and create product differentiation, thereby enhancing your competitive strength, while reducing or eliminating the VOC totally during the manufacturing process. We can provide you with unmatched professional systems which are better than other professional manufacturers' systems. We have maintained close cooperation with Polymer Research Center of Baoding Lucky Group, Kim Young Industrial Co., Shenzhen and many other paint manufacturers. There are a large number of polymer chemists who work in Polymer Research Center to provide technical support for you. The Polymer Research Center also can be used as your R&D Center. In any case, we will be dedicated to serving you with our "UV lights and drying systems".

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east street 170 East Development Zone Qingyuan County, Baoding 071051, Hebei, China


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